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Apply for the Science Talent Search

Over eight decades, more than 149,000 students from U.S. high schools in all 50 states and territories have completed independent science research projects and submitted entries.

The application for this year's Regeneron Science Talent Search is now closed. Next year's application will open in August 1, 2017. You can view a Sample Application here.

Over 2,900 finalists have received more than $13 million in awards to support their college educations, and thousands of scholars have received millions more.  Entrants receive digital badges in recognition of their successful completion of the application and can earn Student Initiative and Research Report Badges to signify particular skill or effort demonstrated in their applications.  

How to Apply:

You should begin by reading the Regeneron STS Rules and Entry Instructions to be certain that you and your research are eligible.  If your project involves the use of humans or animals, these projects require special approval prior to experimentation.  You should read the Rules and Entry Instructions thoroughly and contact the Society if you have any doubts or questions.

Next, we highly recommend that you open an application as soon as possible so you can view requirements.  Until the application opens, you can view a sample here. Teachers, parents, and others are welcome to open accounts to view the application; please use "Test" as your last name to enable an accurate count of active student accounts.  We highly recommend requesting recommendations and sending school transcripts immediately, even before entering your basic information.

There are four components of the application:

Basic Information and Essay Questions - Applicants enter responses directly into the text boxes on the web pages of the application.

Document Uploads - Documents such as the research report, IRB summary, and IACUC approvals, where applicable, will be uploaded to the application as Word documents or pdfs.

Recommendations - Each student must request at least one Project Recommendation, one High School Report, and one Educator Recommendation.  Each applicant has the option of requesting a second recommendation of each type.

Transcripts - Applicants may mail their transcripts to the Society in hard copy form or ask their High School Report provider to upload a scanned copy to their High School Report.  In either case, the timely receipt of the transcript is the responsibility of the student. 

Important Dates:

August 1, 2017 - Regeneron STS Application Opens 
November 15, 2016 8:00 PM ET - Application Deadline. All parts of the application must be received by the Society by this date and time, including transcripts and recommendations. Recommendations must be submitted by the recommendation provider by this date and time. No portions of the application will be accepted after the deadline for any reason, except transcripts having written proof of a delivery date and time guarantee prior to the Application Deadline from a nationally known mail carrier.
Technical Support and Questions:

If you have technical difficulties, please submit a request to Technical Support using the link on all internal application webpages. You will receive a case confirmation number as evidence of having done so and a response related to the request by the same time the next business day.  If you do not receive this message or if you have questions about the application itself or about rules, please contact the Society at  All requests for assistance must be submitted prior to the Technical Support Deadline and have a case confirmation number in order to guarantee a resolution before the deadline passes.

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