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For Attendees

Intel ISEF 2019 in Phoenix!

Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, AZ
May 12-17, 2019

Becoming a finalist at the Intel ISEF is an honor won at a Society-affiliated science fair.  Each fair is allotted a certain number of projects that they may bring in a given year.  Once finalists have been awarded, a fair will register an Official Party.  An Official Party includes an Adult-in-Charge (the chaperone and designated point person for the students), and other individuals - adults, teachers, student observers and any other persons that fall within the Official Party size limit.

Information for those traveling to Intel ISEF 2019 will be populated on this site.  We encourage you to check back periodically.  

Information for All Attendees 

  • Intel ISEF Project ID Listing: See a lit of all assigned Project IDs.
  • Intel ISEF 2019 Preliminary Program (pdf): This document provides a brief overview of the week. As you plan your visit, please pay particular attention to the core activities of each day and the deadlines associated with setting up projects. Please plan to have your finalists’ projects set-up before taking tours.
  • Intel ISEF Housing and Transportation information. Please make sure to coordinate with your fair director as he or she may be arranging housing and transport for your fair.
  • Phoenix Light Rail: Society for Science & the Public encourages attendees to utilize Phoenix's public light rail service. Please see the Transportation page for more information. 
  • Phoenix Visitor's Center: The Mobile Visitor Center will be available near the Intel ISEF Registration Complex area for the duration of Intel ISEF, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. offering these services.
  • Symposia takes place during the Intel ISEF and are sessions that allow teachers, fair directors, and other interested adults the opportunity to present and discuss issues related to science education and scientific and engineering research. View the application guidelines here and access the application here.
  • Society Program Harassment Policy: We ask that everyone review this policy carefully so that any concerns are addressed immediately.
  • Awards at Intel ISEF

Information for Adults

Information for Finalists


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