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cover of May 30, 2015 issue

Eric Wagner's Articles

  • The social lives of whales

    Risso's dolphins
    New tools are giving scientists an unprecedented glimpse into the behaviors of whales and dolphins. And these new data are upending long-held assumptions.
  • Cool Jobs: A whale of a time

    Studying blue whales, spinner dolphins and other cetaceans demands clever ways to unveil the out-of-sight behaviors of these marine denizens.
  • Whale of a lesson

    Late in the summer of 1992, Scott Kraus and Moira Brown were in Canada, eating pizza with some coworkers. Suddenly, the restaurant’s owner came into the dining room and asked: “Is there a Scott Kraus? There’s a phone call for you.”

    Kraus was confused. They were in southern Nova Scotia, about 150 kilometers (93 miles) southeast of Maine. It was practically the middle of nowhere, he thought. Who could possibly know he was there, and what could be so important?

    After taking the call, he returned with terrible news. A dead right whale had been seen near Grand Manan Island, on the western side of the Bay of Fundy. This is near the border between Maine and Canada.

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