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  • Questions for World’s coolest clock


    Before reading:

    1.    A century ago, watches and clocks were made using a system of interlocking gears. Explain why the rotation of those gears might tell time. How might the size of those gears affect a clock’s accuracy?

    2.    The world’s atomic clocks have a precision most people cannot wrap their heads around. Can you envision why that level of accuracy would be helpful to cell-phone systems or the electric power grid?

    During reading:

    1.    How many years would have to go by before the newest atomic clock might lose or gain one second of time?

  • Cyberspace chemistry earns a Nobel

    The achievements behind the 2013 Nobel Prize in chemistry relied on a lot of complex physics. But the computer techniques pioneered by these three men are now saving chemists a lot of work.

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