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  • What’s for dinner? Mom.

    Kids do the darnedest things: Tiny yellow spiderlings (shown close up) crowd over their gray mother. Eventually, the young spiders will eat her.
    Female spiders of one species make the ultimate sacrifice when raising their young: The mothers feed themselves to their children.
  • Bat signals jammed

    Mexican free-tailed bat
    Mexican free-tailed bats can jam each other’s signals while hunting at night. The interference makes snagging an insect supper even more competitive for the flying mammals.
  • News Brief: No hopping for these ancient ‘roos

    supersized kangaroo illustration
    By hopping, today’s kangaroos can scoot swiftly through the countryside. That was not true for some of their ancient cousins. True giants, those now-extinct kangaroos would have walked on two feet — and relied on their tippy-toes.
  • A fish out of water — walks and morphs

    Senegal bichirs fish
    When this modern ‘walking’ fish was raised on land, its body changed. How it adapted resembles some prehistoric fish. These alterations hint at evolutionary changes that may have made life on land possible.
  • Trees: Koala air conditioning

    When koalas sprawl over a tree branch, they may not be lazy. They just might be taking advantage of some natural cooling — enough to survive a heat wave.
  • Pythons seem to have an internal compass

    The giant, Burmese pythons living in Florida’s Everglades like their adopted home. And new research shows they can find their way back to it if people try to move them somewhere else. Not all snakes will do this.

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