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Doing Science

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Doing Science

Give2Science, Intel ISEF

I #Give2Science: Francisca Vasconcelos

3:45AM, November 20, 2015
Doing Science

I #Give2science by creating an app to make quantum physics easily accessible for people of all scientific backgrounds.
- Francisca Vasconcelos, Intel ISEF 2015 finalist

SSP is compiling photographs of how members of our community give back to science, whether that’s by teaching, doing research, performing experiments, inventing new things, participating in or supporting science fairs, mentoring young scientists, or even just looking at the world with a scientific gaze.

You can get involved by submitting photos of your own to ssp@societyforscience.org or posting on social media using the hashtag #Give2Science.

3:30am, November 18, 2015

Intel STS 2015 and Intel ISEF 2013 alumna Anvita Gupta recently founded a program that encourages middle school girls to study computer science. The program, LITAS For Girls, introduces girls to coding and programming.

LITAS For Girls recently held its first Technology Showcase, where the LITAS girls presented their coding projects in Phoenix, Arizona. Anvita said this program can boost middle school girls' confidence and encourage them to stick with STEM.

3:30am, November 16, 2015

Intel ISEF alumnus Kevin Cyr developed a device that affordably tests for sickle cell disease. He is applying for a patent for the device. Kevin also works on communicating science and research to others through spoken word poetry. He performs in Vanderbilt Spoken Word open mics.

Kevin told the Society for Science & the Public how he researched and developed the accurate sickle cell disease testing device.

3:30am, November 8, 2015

I #Give2science by researching the effect of patent policies and technology on medical research and health care.
- Heidi Williams, Intel ISEF1999 alumna, recently named a 2015 MacArthur Fellow

3:30am, November 2, 2015

Joshua Zhou was one of the Intel ISEF 2015 finalists who won an opportunity to travel to China. He learned about sustainable development, spoke to peers in several Chinese schools and became "convinced of the power of our generation."

Here is Joshua's account of Intel ISEF and his trip to China.

4:30am, October 30, 2015

I #Give2Science by creating a device to affordably detect sickle cell disease.
- Kevin Cyr, Intel ISEF 2013 finalist

4:30am, October 28, 2015

Kevin Lumney, a professor of organismal biology at Ohio State University, is sponsoring his local Ohio high school for the Society's Science News in High Schools program. Kevin is a long-time subscriber to the magazine and often assigns articles as reading material to his students. He is spreading science literacy from his classrooms at Ohio State to science classes at Big Walnut High School.

7:00am, October 26, 2015

Intel ISEF 1999 alumna Heidi Williams, now an economics professor at MIT, was named a 2015 MacArthur Fellow. These "genius grants" are awarded to notable researchers.

Heidi's research focuses on data-heavy problems, including studies on whether or not intellectual property rights influence the pace of biomedical research, and how certain technologies affect healthcare outcomes and costs. The Society caught up with Heidi after her win.

4:30am, October 23, 2015

On the evening of September 9, more than 100 alumni of the Science Talent Search (STS) gathered at Akamai Technologies in Boston for a reception celebrating STS and its past competitors. Guests passed the Network Operations Command Center, or “NOCC” for short, to arrive at the reception.

4:30am, October 21, 2015

Intel ISEF 2014 alumna Nivatha Balendra recently discussed her biological research and journey into science at the TEDxMontrealWomen event in July. TED is a nonprofit organization focused on Ideas Worth Spreading, and TEDWomen focuses on the creations and change women are making.

Balendra, a freshman at McGill University, started researching the topic of her TEDx discussion, bacteria capable of degrading oil, in her Intel ISEF project.

8:00am, October 19, 2015

Science is a family affair for the Dells. George (Fritz) Dell was a Science Talent Search finalist in 1949, and his daughter Kristi (Dell) Snell was a finalist in 1985. Kristi and her brother grew up watching their dad George conduct physics research at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, where their mother also worked. Kristi also interned in the lab's biology department while she was in high school.

Dell and Snell discussed their family's shared passion for science with the Society.

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