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Getting credit where credit is due

Doing Science
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Magnus Kjaergaard/Wikimedia commons

Here at SSP we know that science is not conducted in a vaccuum. Scientists get ideas from the world around them and often have to work collaboratively with others in labs and in other groups. This also goes for students in science competitions. Getting credit for the work that you've done, and also giving credit where credit is due is paramount. As far as our competitions go, we look for complete transparency from all parties involved.

What happens when people don't get recognized for the work that they've done? People can get upset. Over at Science News, Bethany Brookshire explores a recent publicity battle involving a middle school student.

Battles over scientific credit play out in laboratories around the world every day. Who did the most work, who provided the materials, space and funding, and who originally bred the animals. And of course, who had the big idea. There are different ways this conflict gets resolved, including co-first authorships, middle authorships and acknowledgments. But the decision making can become intense. 

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