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One year later: Broadcom MASTERS International 2014 delegate update

9:48AM, May 4, 2015
Doing Science

The whole Broadcom MASTERS International 2014 crew at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. 

 By Laura Shaposhnikova 

With Broadcom MASTERS International just around the corner, we asked last year’s delegates how their week in Los Angeles affected them. This year, the program will run in Pittsburgh.

Shai Grizek, 2014 delegate from Beer Sheva, Israel told us that he knows he wants to pursue a career in science.  Broadcom MASTERS International was an amazing experience for Shai, an experience that certainly solidified his drive and passion for STEM.

Aishwarya Vinod Nambiar of Bangalore, India echoed Shai’s sentiment:

The experience of being a part of the Broadcom MASTERS inspires me to do more in the field of science and engineering and be a part of it all again.

Another delegate from India, Ram Mananth, was also moved to work toward a career in engineering and science.

“I want all children our age to have initiative in science and research, to keep and cherish it until the end of their days.”

If you’re a middle school student looking to get involved, Sean Weber of Sequim, Washington, USA recommends “to first choose a topic that you really enjoy and can be passionate about.  The next step would be to really learn about your topic and gather some background information and how you might be able to complete a science project on your topic.   Once that is done it is time to get down to work and follow the scientific or engineering process to do your experiments and testing.”

For SSP and the Broadcom Foundation, it’s not only about setting a strong bedrock for our participants’ future- it’s also about fostering a community of enthusiastic young scientists and researchers for these students. Broadcom MASTERS International makes this a global effort.

“One year post Broadcom MASTERS International, I am in regular touch with many of the friends that were made from the incredible week we spent in Los Angeles - I am in touch with many via Facebook, email and Snapchat,” said Jessica Broder of Okanagan Falls, Canada.  “I know that these people will be a part of my life forever….and hopefully, one day, I will actually be able to see them in person in their respective countries.”

The memories our Broadcom MASTERS 2014 participants made together will sustain true friendships for years to come.

“My favorite memory would be the visit to Broadcom Foundation as it has allowed me to receive a glimpse into STEM careers and the discussion about various prevailing problems and challenges in society with the Broadcom engineers has enabled me to appreciate the application of science in engineering,” said Cher Ying Foo of Singapore, Singapore.

Cher has recently been selected as one selected to attend the 2015 RSI (Research Science Institute) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) this summer. She will have the opportunity to undergo a five-week intensive research internship.

This year, Broadcom MASTERS International will be held from Sunday, May 10 to Friday, May 15 in Pittsburgh. There will be delegates from 16 countries across six continents. Each delegate is chosen for their excellence in science, engineering, technology and mathematics. 

The students participate in fun and engaging hands-on science & engineering activities with  the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair as a backdrop.  They take advantage of the Intel ISEF activities, but primarily stay together as a cohesive group of young people excited about learning and sharing their science experiences. 

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