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#TBT STS 1996, Top winner Jacob Lurie wins $3,000,000 Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics

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1996 STS Top 3

STS 1996 Top 3 Winners: Ting Luo (2nd place), Jacob Lurie (1st place), and Matthew Graham (3rd place)

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STS 1996 top winner, Jacob Lurie (center), won one of the inaugural Breakthrough Prizes in Mathematics.

The Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics rewards significant discoveries across the many branches of the subject. The prize was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and Yuri Milner and announced at the 2014 Breakthrough Prize 

Jacob won for "For his work on the foundations of higher category theory and derived algebraic geometry; for the classification of fully extended topological quantum field theories; and for providing a moduli-theoretic interpretation of elliptic cohomology."

Congratulations Jacob! 

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