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These eight science fair alumni are doing incredible things for social good

11:05AM, February 1, 2018
Doing Science

One thing that’s remarkable about so many students who participate in our science competitions: they are using science to find a solution to a problem, be it environmental, societal or medical. It's not surprising, therefore, that so many go on to do remarkable things.

These alumni are using their passion for science and research for social good. Whether inventing an innovative device, writing a book, or founding a company, these social entrepreneurs are making a positive difference in the world.

Adam Noble, Intel ISEF 2012
Adam Noble is the founder of Noblegen, a biomaterials company that creates bioproducts for a healthier planet. The idea for Noblegen started as Adam’s high school science fair project

Anurudh Ganesan, Intel ISEF 2016, Regeneron STS 2017  
Anurudh Ganesan invented the VAXXWAGON, a device that keeps vaccines refrigerated but requires no ice or electricity, allowing vaccines to remain usable while in transit to remote clinics and villages.

Eden Full Goh, Intel ISEF 2007-2008 
Eden is the inventor of SunSaluter, a nonprofit organization that works to improve energy and water access for remote communities. She is “interested in building products to solve society’s biggest problems.”

Erika Ebbel Angle, Intel STS 1999
Erika founded Science from Scientists, a nonprofit that works to give all students authentic science experiences. Science from Scientists focuses on elementary and middle school students in grades 3-8, sending scientists to classrooms to teach relevant content related to subjects such as biology, chemistry, technology, engineering, and earth sciences.

Nina Vasan, Intel ISEF 2002 
Nina Vasan, a psychiatrist, is the author of Do Good Well: Your Guide to Leadership, Action and Innovation. From a young age, Nina has been a social entrepreneur. While growing up in West Virginia, Nina established a network of teen volunteers for the American Cancer Society.

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Pooja Chandrashekar, Intel STS 2015
At 15, Pooja founded ProjectCSGirls, a nonprofit that promotes computer science among young girls and works to end the gender gap in STEM. The organization, which has reached more than 2,500 girls in 50 states, consists of an online competition that challenges girls in middle school to use computer science and technology to solve an imminent social problem.

Ruth Amos, Intel ISEF 2008 
Ruth Amos is the inventor of StairSteady, which helps people with mobility issues use the stairs safely. She also supports young inventors with her YouTube channel, Kids Invent Stuff.

Zachary Wissner-Gross, Intel STS 2003
Zach co-founded School Yourself, which provides personalized math lessons online. He created AlgebraX and GeometryX, the first two adaptive Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on EdX.


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