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Committee Training

Workshop Aids to Support Society-Affiliate Fair's SRC and D&S Committees

The following resources are intended to support the Scientific Review Committees, Institutional Review Boards and Display & Safety Committees that work at the local, regional and state levels.  They have been created by the Intel ISEF SRC and Intel ISEF D&S Committees to support training that they do at Intel ISEF.  

Rules Guidance


Operational Guidelines for SRC and IRB Review Boards
Guidance to SRC and IRBs regarding proper composition and the duties, responsibilities and timelines for each review body.
Checklist for SRC Review 
This document was developed to provide guidance for an SRC to review a project AFTER experimentation.
Common Scientific Review Committee (SRC) ProblemsThis page summarizes SRC reviews leading up to Intel ISEF, with pointers about what NOT to do.
Most Common Reasons for Projects to Fail to Qualify at Intel ISEFThis page summarizes the most common reasons that a project fails to qualify at the Intel ISEF.
Human Participant Risk Assessment Guide pdf
A document to aid your IRBs in making sound decisions for human participant project approvals and permissions needed. 
Online Survey Consent Procedures
Suggested procedures to conduct online survey research addressing assent and parental permission.
Intel ISEF Guidelines for Biosafety Level 1 Self Assessment Checklist
This document provides direction on how to assess a laboratory for BSL-1 research.
Intel ISEF Guidelines for Biosafety Level 2 Laboratory Facilities & Operations - A Self- Assessment Safety Checklist
This document is intended to aid in assessing whether a laboratory is an appropriate site for conducting BSL-2 studies in locations other than a BSL 2 laboratory in a registered/regulated research institution (e.g. high school laboratory, medical office, diagnostic lab).
Intel ISEF Display & Safety Committee Application
Apply to be a member of the Intel ISEF Display & Safety Committee! Deadline for receipt is December 19, 2018.


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