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cover of May 30, 2015 issue

Science, step by step

How to succeed in science (with a lot of trying)

The new Student Science series Great Science Projects provides a roadmap helping students to successfully complete an independent research project.

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STEM careers

Here we profile three scientists who are developing super-repellent surfaces. All have found inspiration in the living world.
Scientists get at the root (and stem, leaf, flower, fruit and seed) of the relationship between plants and their environment.
 Samples collected long ago may hold answers to important questions in science and medicine today.

Teaching science

Young scientists find advantages to pursuing related problems — sometimes for years on end.
Teachers and experts share their secrets on using the news to enrich science class.  
Scientists rarely follow one straightforward path to understanding the natural world.
Some of the best ideas come not from poring over the facts but from a walk in the woods.

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