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IEEE Foundation

IEEE is the world's largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE awards the $10,000 Presidents' Scholarship to recognize a deserving student for an outstanding project demonstrating an understanding of electrical engineering, electronics engineering, computer science, or other IEEE field of interest. In addition to the scholarship, IEEE awards a $600 Second Place Award and a $400 Third Place Award.
Why We Participate: 
With contributions from generous sponsors around the world, the IEEE Foundation seeks to increase the understanding of how technologies are created and how they impact society, individuals, and the environment. Interdisciplinary in its activities, and transnational in scope, the IEEE Foundation has the potential to improve people's lives in every country.
Current Awards Offered: 
The IEEE Foundation Presidents' Scholarship Award of $10,000
IEEE Foundation Second Place Award $600
IEEE Foundation Third Place Award $400
Previous Award Winners
The IEEE Foundation Presidents' Scholarship Award of $10,000
Ari Joseph Firester
IEEE Foundation Third Place Award $400
Abigail Greenhalgh

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