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Intel ISEF Awards

Each year more than 1,500 student finalists earn the right to attend the Intel ISEF as a result of winning an Intel ISEF-affiliated fair at a local, regional, or national level. Intel ISEF finalists compete for more than $4 million in awards and prizes and are judged on their creative ability and scientific thought, as well as the thoroughness, skill, and clarity shown in their projects. Grand Awards of the Intel ISEF 2013 included:

The Gordon E. Moore Award

This $75,000 top award of the Intel ISEF is provided to the top Best in Category project.

Gordon Moore co-founded Intel Corporation in 1968, serving as president and CEO as well as Chairman of the Board before his retirement in 1997. With degrees in chemistry and physics from University of California, Berkeley (B.S.) and Caltech (Ph.D.), Moore is widely known for “Moore’s Law,” the driving pulse of the semiconductor industry. He and his wife, Betty Moore, have created the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation and are among the world's most generous philanthropists. He is widely admired for his technical leadership and his role as one of the creators of today's Silicon Valley, as well as for his ongoing philanthropic role supporting environmental efforts and science education and research.

The Moore Award recognizes the Best of the Best among the outstanding students from around the world who participate in the Intel ISEF. The winning project is selected on the basis of outstanding and innovative research, as well as on the potential impact of the work — in the field and on the world at large.

Intel Foundation Young Scientist Awards

Intel and SSP will present $50,000 awards to two Best in Category projects. These Finalists will be selected for their commitment to innovation in tackling challenging scientific questions, using authentic research practices, and creating solutions to the problems of tomorrow.

Dudley R. Herschbach SIYSS Award

An all-expense-paid trip enables three Finalists to attend the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS) (www.siyss.org) which includes attendance at the Nobel Prize ceremonies in Stockholm, Sweden. The Dudley R. Herschbach SIYSS Award is a multi-disciplinary seminar highlighting some of the most remarkable achievements by young scientists from around the world. Students must be 18 years old prior to the Nobel ceremony in December to be considered. This award is named for Dudley R. Herschbach, Harvard Professor and 1986 Nobel Laureate in chemistry. He is Emeritus Board Chair of Society for Science & the Public.

Innovation Exploration Award

From the first rocket research in 1936 to the first US satellite in 1958 to the many missions to learn about Venus, Neptune, Jupiter and most recently the Mars Curiosity Lander in 2012, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology is a place where science, technology and engineering intermix to produce iconic robotic space explorers sent to every corner of the solar system helping us to discover how the universe, the solar system, and life formed and evolved. JPL was established by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in 1944, a prestigious university whose mission is to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research integrated with education. 

For the first time at Intel ISEF in 2013, in collaboration with Intel Corporation, a number of students will have the opportunity to be a part of a behind the scenes visit to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, and also visit the world renowned Caltech, meet with scientists, present their own work, and see what is next in space exploration.

European Union Contest for Young Scientists

An all-expense-paid trip enables attendance at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists — located in a new city each year.

Intel Best of Category Awards

Best of Category Winners are provided a $5,000 scholarship. Additionally, a $1,000 grant will be given to their school and the Intel ISEF Affiliated fair they represent.

Intel ISEF Grand Awards

Presented in each of the 17 Intel ISEF categories, Grand Awards are provided as follows:

  • 1st Place $3,000 cash award
  • 2nd Place $1,500 cash award
  • 3rd Place $1,000 cash award
  • 4th Place $500 cash award
    Team projects will be judged and awarded within their scientific category. Team members will split the award equally.

Intel ISEF Special Awards

Each year, organizations representing a wide variety of scientific disciplines provide awards, scholarships, internship and other prizes to hundreds of student Finalists. More information on Special Awards that will be provided at Intel ISEF can be found here.

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