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Intel ISEF Finalist Checklist

Next steps for all finalists nominated to attend Intel ISEF

Congratulations!  Now that you have been selected to attend Intel ISEF you will need to submit the necessary forms and paperwork within 12 days of your fair.

Submit your information and forms

The online finalist questionnaire, abstract, and paperwork portal will guide you through all of the necessary steps.  What follows is a short summary, and additional instructions, to guide you through the process. 

We cannot stress enough the importance of completing this process within 12 days after your fair. Failure to do so in a timely manner can affect the Intel ISEF SRC review, the assignment of your project booth ID, and ultimately whether your project is listed in the Intel ISEF program.  Your prompt attention is greatly appreciated.

    • Once an account has been created for a Finalist, the student will need to authenticate their email by clicking on the account set-up link that they recieve through an auto-generated email.
  1. If you have already created an account for Intel ISEF 2019, Login to the Finalist Questionnaire
    • All finalists, including members of teams, must fill out a questionnaire.
    • You will need to know your fair ID. You can find it by looking up your fair here.
    • The questionnaire will ask for finalist information, school information, project exhibit information, and finally scientific activities and interests. 
    • Each team member must use his/her own email address and create his/her own unique password. 
  2. Pick your category and subcategory; please review the full list before making a choice. The category you select for Intel ISEF does not need to match the category in which you competed at your regional, state, or country fair. If you are part of a team project, the team leader will submit this information. Please consult the Instructions for Selecting a Category & Sub-Category for more information. 
  3. Finalists are also requested to input a "Project Short Title."  This requirement is limited to a 50-character statement of the main point of your project that will give judges, the Scientific Review Committee, and Society staff a brief glimpse of the main focus of your project.  You should be as concise as possible.
  4. Complete the online Official Abstract Form. For team projects, the team leader will submit the abstract. We recommend you write a draft of your abstract in a word processing program before you begin so that you have easy access to the text. The Abstract Instructions will provide information and tips on writing and displaying your abstract.
  5. Code of Conduct & Releases: These forms must be signed by both you and your parent/legal guardian in order for you to compete at the Intel ISEF. This applies to all finalists including all team members.
  6. Upload your Intel ISEF paperwork. Please consult with your science fair director to coordinate how your paperwork is being submitted. Your fair director will be able to upload your paperwork or review the forms that you have uploaded, before you finalize the questionnaire. It is ultimately your responsibility to provide your paperwork to the Society. 
    •  Once you finalize your questionnaire, both you and your fair director will not be able to edit any of the original uploads.
    • If you would like to include new documentation, you will be able to use the "Additional Paperwork Uploads" section of the Finalist Questionnaire to submit new documents for review.
    • If the Intel ISEF SRC approves the new documents that are added to your account, these forms will automatically replace the original uploaded documents.
  7. Once you have completed the checklist, review your submission and then finalize your data.  You must complete and finalize as soon as possible so that the Society can review and send your paperwork forward to the Intel ISEF Scientific Review Committee (SRC).

Abstract rewrites  

After final submission, you will see in the checklist tab an opportunity to submit an abstract rewrite.  If there are updates and or corrections that need to be made to your abstract, you may complete this form.  The deadline for submitting a voluntary rewrite is Wednesday, April 24. After April 24, the only abstract rewrites, including those requested onsite at Intel ISEF during project set-up, will be those required by the ISEF SRC.

Forms review

All documents and forms must be reviewed by the Society staff before you are assigned a project booth ID. Please allow up to two weeks after submission for the project booth ID to be assigned. You will be sent an email with your ID. You will need it for shipping your project display board.
If we encounter any issues with your paperwork upload(s) or your category selection, or if the SRC has a question, we will try to contact you to correct the problem prior to your arrival at the Intel ISEF. Your responsiveness is essential to ensure your participation in the Intel ISEF. 

Get your project to Intel ISEF

Shipping Your Project: See the General Shipping document for detailed information about shipping. No projects will be accepted through UPS shipping BEFORE April 24 or AFTER May 9, 2019 and no projects will be accepted through GES heavy freight shipping BEFORE April 10 or AFTER May 8, 2019. You will have several options for shipping your project; if via UPS, you must arrange for a return shipping label at the time of initial purchase.

Alternatively, you may purchase a blank project board onsite at the Intel ISEF and assemble onsite. Project boards are white, 2-ply cardboard, 48" x 48" in size and include an optional header board. (Click here for illustration with dimensions). Project boards with headers will be available for sale for $10 each at the Intel ISEF store in the convention center.

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