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2015 Winners

Intel STS Recent Results

Congratulations to our most recent Intel Science Talent Search winners!

2015 Three Top Award Winners

Noah Golowich, 17, of Lexington, Massachusetts, won the First Place Medal of Distinction for Basic Research, which recognizes finalists who demonstrate exceptional scientific potential through depth of research and analysis. Noah developed a proof in the area of Ramsey theory, a field of mathematics based on finding types of structure in large and complicated systems. 

Andrew Jin, 17, of San Jose, California, won the First Place Medal of Distinction for Global Good, which rewards finalists who demonstrate great scientific potential through their passion to make a difference. Andrew developed a machine learning algorithm to identify adaptive mutations across the human genome. By analyzing massive public genomic datasets, his system discovered more than 100 adaptive mutations related to immune response, metabolism, brain development and schizophrenia in real DNA sequences. Understanding the genetic causes of these diseases is an important first step toward developing gene therapies or vaccines. 

Michael Hofmann Winer, 18, of North Bethesda, Maryland, won the First Place Medal of Distinction for Innovation, which celebrates finalists who demonstrate the problem-solving aptitude of an engineer through innovative design and creativity. Michael studied how fundamental quasi-particles of sound, called phonons, interact with electrons. His work could potentially be applied to more complex atomic structures such as superconductors. 

In addition to the top awards, three second-place winners received awards of $75,000 and three third-place winners received awards of $35,000.

2015 Highlights video

Intel Science Talent Search 2015 Award Winners:

Basic Research

1st Place - Noah Golowich, Lexington, MA

2nd Place - Brice Huang, Princeton Junction, NJ

3rd Place - Shashwat Kishore, West Chester, PA

Global Good

1st Place - Andrew Jin, San Jose, CA

2nd Place - Kalia D. Firester, New York City, NY

3rd Place - Anvita Gupta, Scottsdale, AZ


1st Place - Michael Hofmann Winer, North Bethesda, MD

2nd Place - Saranesh Thanika Prembabu, San Ramon, CA

3rd Place - Catherine Li, Orlando, FL

Intel Science Talent Search 2015 Finalists

Intel Science Talent Search 2015 Semifinalists 


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