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Intel STS 2014 Top Ten

Intel STS Recent Results

Congratulations to our most recent Intel Science Talent Search winners!


WASHINGTON, D.C., March 11, 2014 

Eric S. Chen, 17, of San Diego won the top award of $100,000 from the Intel Foundation for his research of potential new drugs to treat influenza. His interdisciplinary approach combined computer modeling with structural studies and biological validation, with a focus on drugs that inhibit endonuclease, an enzyme essential for viral propagation. Eric, the co-president of his school’s fencing team and a junior Olympics qualifier, hopes his work will lead to a new class of drugs to control flu outbreaks during a pandemic, allowing time for a vaccine to be developed.

Second-place honors and $75,000 went to Kevin Lee, 17, of Irvine, Calif., who developed a mathematical model to describe the shape of the heart as it beats using the principles of fluid mechanics. Kevin’s faster and computationally efficient model could provide insights into arrhythmia and may lead to better treatments for the disease.

Third-place honors and $50,000 went to William Henry Kuszmaul, 17, of Lexington, Mass., who developed a new approach to the mathematics of modular enumeration, which has applications to a wide number of problems in computer science, bioinformatics and computational biology.

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Intel Science Talent Search 2014 Top Ten Award Winners:

1st Place - Eric S. Chen, San Diego, CA

2nd Place - Kevin Lee, Irvine, CA

3rd Place - William Henry Kuszmaul, Lexington, MA

4th Place - Joshua Abraham Meier, Teaneck, NJ

5th Place - Natalie Ng, Cupertino, CA

6th Place - Aron Coraor, Huntington, NY

7th Place - Zarin Ibnat Rahman, Brookings, SD

8th Place - Anand Srinivasan, Roswell, GA

9th Place - John Anthony Clarke, Syosset, NY

10th Place - Shaun Datta, North Potomac, MD

Intel Science Talent Search 2014 Finalists

Intel Science Talent Search 2014 Semifinalists 


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