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Judging at the Intel ISEF

There are two groups of judges at the Intel ISEF, Grand Award judges and Special Award judges.

Grand Award Judges

Grand Award Judges volunteer to evaluate the projects of all student finalists in the 17 categories and select the winners of the top awards presented by the fair in each category. To be a Grand Award judge, one needs to hold an M.D. and/or Ph.D. in one of the 17 scientific categories or have a minimum of six years of professional work experience in the respective category.

Special Award Judges

Each year more than 70 professional organizations, representing a wide variety of scientific disciplines, affiliate with the Intel ISEF as Special Award Sponsors. These organizations from government, industry, and the education field recruit their own Special Award Judges to evaluate projects that meet the specific criteria of their awards.

Judging at an Affiliated Fair

If you are organizing or judging at an Intel ISEF-affiliated fair, Judging Tips and Criteria may aid you with the process.The Intel ISEF Judging Criteria is another resource that an affiliate fair may choose to use. This is the criteria that will be used at Intel ISEF 2013.
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