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Management and Resources

Standards and Resources to Support the Management of Society-Affiliate Fairs

The Society respects the individual nature, character and traditions of each science fair. The diversity of our fairs in the audiences they reach, the territories they cover and their management and organizational structure enriches the global network of science fairs.

However, although we celebrate our differences, fairs also have many elements in common.  It is our goal to create a resource for fairs that will help in the management of their own fairs. 

Beginning with the standards, The Society will continue to gather and share what resources we have.  We are also partnering with the ISEF Advisory Council to ask their aid in soliciting and reviewing documentation from fairs throughout the network to share with the community. 

It is our goal to build a resource that shares the best fair management practices, policies and procedures from around the world built on the spirit of collaboration and community to the betterment of the science fair experience for everyone. 

For general questions regarding fair resources, outreach or fundraising questions, please contact the ISEF Advisory Council Committee at  

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