New bag keeps food fresh longer

Invention harnesses oxygen-trapping power of iron

By Sid Perkins, 10:48 AM May 28, 2013


Carolyn Jons, 15 , developed a new type of plastic bag to help keep food fresh longer. Credit: Patrick Thornton, SSP

Food doesn’t stay fresh forever, even in a refrigerator. Fuzzy mold can grow on fruit, veggies and other items even if they’re kept in a sealed container. But a 15-year-old inventor now has developed a new type of resealable bag that can keep food fresh longer. It relies on a pouch of powder that chemically sucks oxygen out of the bag. And this could keep fungi and even some food-poisoning germs from growing.



About 21 percent of the air is made up of oxygen. All animals rely on this gas. It...

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