The return of a king

Skeleton of King Richard III, unearthed from an English parking lot, tells a grisly tale

By Stephen Ornes, 15:34 PM February 14, 2013


This skeleton found beneath a parking lot in England belonged to Richard III, who ruled England in the 15th century. The bones show his curved spine and reveal the injuries that killed him. Credit: Univ. of Leicester The 15th century’s Richard III has returned — or at least, his bones have.


In February, scientists from the University of Leicester in England announced that a skeleton discovered beneath a parking lot indeed belonged to that infamous King of England.


Richard III ruled England for two years before dying on the battlefield on August 22, 1485. Historians of the time portrayed the monarch as a ruler with a twisted spine who suffered a gruesome death. (Playwright William Shakespeare also wrote a...

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