Delilah’s legacy

Scientist reroutes shipping lanes in the Bay of Fundy

By Eric Wagner, 12:48 PM March 7, 2013

Moira “Moe” Brown (right) and Marianna Hagbloom, both biologists with the New England Aquarium, pilot the R/V Nereid out to the Bay of Fundy. Credit: Eric Wagner

After Calvin’s mother, Delilah, was killed, Moira Brown of the New England Aquarium in Boston became concerned for right whales in the Bay of Fundy. These animals had to share their nursery grounds and migration routes with some of the world’s biggest ships. She wanted to do something so that other right whales would not suffer Delilah’s fate. Two more tragedies strengthened Brown’s resolve: Ships in the Bay of Fundy struck and killed two more right whales within five years of Delilah’s deat...

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