Dino-sized poop

Ewww: Scientists use poop from living animals to estimate the size of dung dropped by T. rex and other dinos

By Sid Perkins, 12:04 PM January 31, 2013

To estimate the size of dinosaur feces — including those from Tyrannosaurus rex (shown) — scientists measured poop from many living creatures. Credit: Wikimedia Commons/J.M. Luijt

How big was dinosaur poop?

This may seem like a disgusting question. And because dinosaurs died out more than 65 million years ago, many people might think the question isn’t important. But scientists use fossil dung to learn a lot about ancient creatures and where they lived.

A new analysis of an old, large piece of dinosaur poop finds it’s possible that Tyrannosaurus rex was the source of the deposit. The scientists used smelly droppings from living wild animals to estimate the size of...

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