Flagging loose bolts

“Smart alert washer” automatically flags when a nut is coming loose, warning of potential danger

By Sid Perkins, 20:11 PM May 16, 2013


Mei Kam (left), Mei Di Zhu (center) and Jia Ying Zhong (right) designed a “smart washer” that provides an alert when the nut holding the washer on a bolt comes loose. Credit: Patrick Thornton, SSP


When they are new, structures such as buildings, bridges and playground equipment tend to be very sturdy. But over time, they can become wobbly and unsafe as nails, screws and other fasteners loosen. Now, a trio of student inventors from Hong Kong has designed a new type of washer. It quickly shows inspectors when the nut it lies next to on a bolt is loose.



Builders and engineers often use nuts and bolts to hold two structural pieces of material together. T...

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