Glassworks in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians were producing and exporting glass more than 3,000 years ago.

By Emily Sohn, 00:00 AM June 23, 2005

These days, glass is everywhere. It's in your windows, your mirrors, and your drinking containers. People in ancient Egypt had glass, too, but it was special, and scientists have long debated where this valuable material came from.

Now, researchers from London and Germany have found evidence that the Egyptians were making their own glass as far back as 3,250 years ago. The discovery defies a longstanding theory that ancient Egyptians imported glass from Mesopotamia.

Archaeologists have found a variety of items used in glassmaking, including this ceramic container, at an ancient Egyptian glass factory. Glass was colored and heated in this vessel, which is about 7 inches across. The inset shows glass ingots from a Bron

Archaeologists have fo...

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