Oldest bird is new mom

At 62, albatross hatches a healthy chick

By Allison Bohac, 20:52 PM February 26, 2013


Wisdom, an albatross who is estimated to be 62 years old, tends to her newly hatched chick. She is the oldest known wild bird. Credit: John Klavitter/U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service



Here’s one new mom with lots of experience — at least 62 years of it. On February 3, a Laysan albatross named Wisdom hatched a healthy chick on a Pacific island near Hawaii. It was the sixth year in a row this bird had hatched a chick.


Even though women may live to be 100 years old or more, few are capable of giving birth after their early to mid-50s. What makes Wisdom so special is that her species normally lives only 12 to 40 years. So not only has she outlived most other Laysan albatros...

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