A warming life jacket

New liner contains a substance that helps fight heat loss in chilly water

By Sid Perkins, 08:04 AM May 28, 2013


New life saver A 17-year-old from South Africa has invented a warming liner (blue cloth liner, shown on table) for life jackets. Patrick Thornton, SSP

Sometimes the biggest threat from a boat sinking isn’t the accident itself. It’s not even the sharks that might be swimming nearby. It’s a life-threatening loss of body heat from remaining too long in cold water. Now, a South African teen has invented a heat-producing liner for life jackets. It could help delay injuries — or death — until a rescue is possible.

Normal body temperature for people is around 37° Celsius (98.6° Fahrenheit). But when the core body temperature falls below 35° C (95°...

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