Deep drilling at sea

Drilling holes deep into the seafloor unveils the ocean's past and hints at Earth's future.

By Kate Ramsayer, 00:00 AM August 30, 2004

Beakers and chemical bottles sit on shelves, just like in a normal science lab. High-powered microscopes, incubators for growing bacteria, and other equipment line the room, just like in a normal science lab.


But, once you feel the floor start to sway or you look out the windows only to see a vast expanse of blue, you know this is no typical science lab. Instead, the seven floors of research space are a "floating university" on board a ship called the JOIDES Resolution.














The <em>JOIDES Resolution</em> drillship is 469 feet long and 69 feet wide. The ship's derrick towers 202 feet above the waterline.


The JOIDE...

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