Building with moon rocks

Working on the moon with lunar soil and grit could prove easier, more efficient and less costly than using earthly materials

By Sid Perkins, 13:28 PM May 22, 2013


Sergio Parra, a 17-year-old engineer from Hoschton, Ga., analyzed concrete made from materials likely available on the moon. His findings suggest that construction on the moon might be more economical than previously thought. Credit: Patrick Thornton, SSP



Astronauts will likely colonize the moon one day. Because it costs thousands of dollars to lift a pound of material off of Earth and into orbit, it should prove cheaper to build moon structures from materials already there. And new research by a Georgia teen suggests that concrete made from moon rocks and soil would be stronger than ordinary concrete.


That means a building made from this “lunarcrete” could require less material and be lighter weight. It could also cost less than previous e...

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