Fuzzy future

Kids may suffer impaired vision from spending too little time outdoors, studies suggest

By Nathan Seppa, 15:17 PM May 22, 2013

Caption: Many scientists today are finding that too much time spent indoors — at least during childhood — may affect vision, making it hard to see distant objects clearly. Doctors refer to this nearsightedness as myopia. Studies have found that kids who regularly spend time on computers have an increased risk of being diagnosed with myopia. Credit: iStockphoto

Rogers Hornsby was the Derek Jeter of the 1920s. Actually, Hornsby could hit a baseball better than Jeter — he just wasn’t as popular. Teammates complained that Hornsby didn’t like to hang out with them. He didn’t go to see movies, which was surprising because 90 years ago that was primo entertainment. Hornsby said that sitting in a dark theater watching a bright screen made it difficult to hit a baseball. Hard to argue with a guy who reportedly had terrific eyesight and who batted over .4...

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