Nature resets body’s clock

After a week in the wild, people went to bed — and got up — earlier

By Stephen Ornes, 13:01 PM August 6, 2013

After a week spent in the Colorado woods, campers fell asleep earlier and woke up earlier. Their internal clocks shifted, syncing up with sun. Credit: Courtesy of K. Wright Jr.

A short camping trip could help people rise and shine, researchers report. After a week living in tents in Colorado’s Rockies, campers’ internal clocks shifted about two hours earlier. It transformed even night owls into early birds.

“It’s a clever study, and it makes a dramatic point,” says Katherine Sharkey. A sleep researcher and physician at Brown University in Providence, R.I., she did not work on the new study. People get much more light outside than they do indoors, she notes. And ...

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