Engineering: The route to problem-solving

Young researchers learn how math and science are used in the real world, from protecting eggs to delivering tap water

By Helen Fields, 17:24 PM February 6, 2013

Teams of young researchers brainstormed ways to protect a raw egg — sometimes using bubble wrap — so that it could be dropped from various heights without breaking at a major competition in Washington, D.C., last fall. Students from around the country came together to work on engineering challenges. Credit: iStockphoto

The delicate egg hatched some heavy discussion among the five young scientists inspecting a pile of squishy packing materials. “So, bubble wrap?” asked Samuel Coulson, 14, of West Platte High School in Weston, Mo.

The team, working with only the materials at hand, had to devise a way of protecting a raw egg from a series of increasingly higher drops. The challenge pit these students against five other teams at the second annual Broadcom MASTERS competition. It was  held in Washington, D.C...

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