Tornado caught storm chasers

Tim Samaras died doing what he loved — collecting tornado data for science

By Janet Raloff, 13:08 PM June 7, 2013


This map shows the path of the monster twister that killed the Samaras team. It was the largest U.S. tornado on record, at one point spanning a record 2.6 miles wide. Credit: Nat’l. Weather Serv./Norman, Okla.As a boy, Tim Samaras frustrated his parents by sneaking appliances from their kitchen. Behind his bedroom door, he’d take them apart. With luck, they would be working and back in the kitchen before his mom missed them. When recalling this story, last year, Samaras explained that he couldn’t help himself. He simply had to find out how everything worked. So when his mom one day asked the 9-year-old Tim to watch a movie musical with her, he couldn’t see the point. But he joined her in front of...

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