Flower power

Electric field around flowers may help bees find nutritious blooms

By Stephen Ornes, 12:10 PM March 11, 2013

Scientists report that bees and flowers appear to have a charged communication. In addition to a flower’s color and scent, its electric field may also bring in bees, a new study shows. Credit: Emily Krieger

Say you’re a flower and you can’t reproduce unless bees come by to move your pollen. How can you use your blooms to ensure those bees don’t pass you by? Try communicating with them — electrically.

Although colors and smells can help, a new experiment suggests electric fields may also bring in the bees.

Flowers maintain small electric fields around them. Bees can not only detect those fields, but they may also tell the insects which blooms are most likely to offer a nectar reward, a team ...

Source URL: https://student.societyforscience.org/article/flower-power