‘Print’ almost anything

3-D printers allow people to build almost anything they can imagine — from toys to food, buildings to body parts

By Stephen Ornes, 11:00 AM April 28, 2013


Caption: For Valentine’s Day this year, a Japanese company used a 3-D printer to produce chocolate copies of people’s faces. Credit: FabCafe/Think 3D/K’s Design Lab


Imagine having a printer hooked up to your computer that could make anything. Tired of your toothbrush? No problem. Print a new one. Want a chocolate treat? Print it. Need a new dress, new shoes or maybe just new cleats for soccer? Just choose a style and size. Then print, print and print some more.


And why stop there? You might print a fake dinosaur bone. You might also print out a life-size copy of your own head. You could print another printer for a friend. And if your printer was big en...

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