A new way to eavesdrop

Scientists film throat movements to decode the spoken word

By Stephen Ornes, 16:36 PM June 20, 2013

A high-speed camera records the skin vibrations on a speaker’s throat. A computer program can then use that vibration data to re-create the speaker’s voice. It’s a new way to eavesdrop — without a microphone or lipreading. Credit: Courtesy of Yasuhiro Oikawa

Eavesdroppers soon might have another way to monitor far-off conversations. All they will need is the right camera, pointed at a speaker’s throat.

When you talk, your voice box jiggles and wiggles the skin on your neck. Those vibrations can reveal to an eavesdropper what you’re saying, reports a new study. Its authors include engineer Yasuhiro Oikawa and other researchers from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan.

The team used a high-speed camera to record thousands of images per second of...

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