The buzz about mosquitoes

Learning more about mosquitoes can help us control the blood-sucking insects and prevent deadly diseases.

By Emily Sohn, 00:00 AM July 26, 2004

You swat. You slap. You duck. You run. It doesn't matter. On summer evenings or dewy mornings, mosquitoes track you down and leave you with itchy red welts where they've punctured your skin and sucked blood.


With the little pests buzzing in your ears, biting your ankles and stabbing your arms, you could easily end up ditching the outdoors for the nearest air-conditioned, insect-free mall.














An <span class=normal>Anopheles gambiae </span>mosquito on human skin.


An Anopheles gambiae mosquito on human skin.


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"I hate them, too," ...

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