Black Hole Journey

Research on weird, invisible objects called black holes might help explain how the universe began.

By Emily Sohn, 00:00 AM January 25, 2005

There are all sorts of holes: big ones and little ones, deep ones and shallow ones. There are swimming holes and buttonholes, cheese holes and bullet holes. Then, there are black holes.


These mysterious, bizarre objects pack a huge mass into a tiny volume. Their gravity is so strong that they gobble up anything that comes near them, even stars, gas, and light. They're invisible. They're like cracks in space, and they lurk all over the universe.














An invisible, massive, spinning black hole may lie at the center of this galaxy, as shown in an artist's illustration. The black hole would pull in material from a swirling disk of nearby gas and stars. The extremely high temperatures and pressures produc


An invisible, massive, spinning bla...

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