Some Dinos Dined on Grass

Evidence taken from fossilized dinosaur poop shows that some of these reptiles ate grass.

By Emily Sohn, 00:00 AM November 23, 2005

When dinosaur poop is preserved, it's like a time capsule. The fossilized lumps contain clues about what the reptiles were eating long ago.

Recent analyses of fossilized dino droppings unearthed in India have turned up at least five types of grasses. The discovery is thrilling to paleontologists because it's the first evidence that some dinosaurs actually ate grass. The remains also suggest that grass had evolved into different types much earlier than scientists had thought.

This glassy fragment (about 100 micrometers long) was extracted from fossilized dinosaur dung unearthed in India. Its presence shows that the reptiles dined on grass.

This glassy fragme...

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