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Reasons Projects Failed to Qualify for STS

Every year, some students submit entries to Regeneron STS that fail to qualify for the competition for a number of reasons and they never move forward to judging. Being aware of these reasons will help you to make sure your students' entries make it to the judges.

This list shows the reason projects failed to qualify for the competition and shows the number of entries affected in 2014:

  • Human Participant Concerns primarily regarding insufficient or improper IRB documentation. (53 entries)
  • Studies involving vertebrate animals or tissue that did not meet eligibility rules. (45 entries)
  • Research report was not submitted and/or did not meet the originality check (25 entries)
  • Team Projects (10 entries)

Students whose entries do not pass an originality check are notified by SSP staff and do not earn an entrant badge.  Please email with any questions.

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