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Intel ISEF 2017 Special Awards Organization Profile

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REDDS Venture Investment Partners

REDDS Venture Investment Partners empower disruptive start-ups that scale worldwide and have billion dollar-plus potential through team building, global business development, financing, mentoring, and strategy. We are committed to positive social impact. Guided by the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals REDDS VIP presents the Social Impact Through Technology award to the contestant who best combines disruptive innovation with positive social impact.

Why We Participate: 

REDDS VIP is made up of partners with over 300 years of combined experience over hundreds of deals in multiple domains. We share a commitment to social impact and improvement through business and technology that aligns with the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals. The Intel ISEF SAO provides us with an opportunity to reward those young people who share similar values. These participants are our future leaders. REDDS VIP sees investment in them as a high return activity for the good of all.

Current Awards Offered: 
Award of $5000
Previous Award Winners

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