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Rules, Forms, and Resources

Rules for the Intel Science Talent Search

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval Form

This form can be used by students who would like to perform research involving human particiants. For complete rules and procedures, read the Rules and Entry Instructions. Students that have approval through their research institution do not need to use this form. Using Intel ISEF forms are acceptable as well.  

Sample Informed Consent Form

This is an example of what an informed consent form would look like for projects involving human participants, where the IRB has determined that informed consent is necessary.

Open an Application 

This link will be live at the beginning of June 2016. If you have questions related to the content of the application (what you need to upload, what a response should include, etc.) please direct those to sts@societyforscience.org. For technical questions about how the application system is functioning, please direct questions to the technical support team using the link at the top of the application pages.

Pathways to Science Research

If you're not sure how to get started performing science research, this page will explain some pathways you could take.

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