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  • Loneliness can breed disease

    Feeling homesick, alone in a crowd or rejected after being chosen last for a team? Everyone now and then experiences a pang of loneliness. It’s painful, but not because we’re wimps. Loneliness can actually cause very real harm, research is showing.Like elephants, honeybees and flamingos, we are social animals, explains John Cacioppo. A psychologist at the University of Chicago, he studies human...
    08:09 AM, April 19, 2014 Brain & Behavior, Body & Health
  • Explainer: Tips for overcoming loneliness

    Teenagers are especially prone to loneliness. The good news: They generally bounce back from these negative emotions, explains Louise Hawkley. She’s a psychologist at the National Opinion Research Center in Chicago. Here, she shares some suggestions for speeding a recovery from loneliness. 1.   Reach out to others, but start small. A smile and a friendly greeting for the student behind you in...
    08:08 AM, April 19, 2014 Brain & Behavior, Body & Health
  • Questions for Loneliness can breed disease

    SCIENCEBefore reading1. When socializing, what activities do you like to share with friends?2. What feelings do you experience while socializing?During reading1.   What does it mean to be a “social animal?”2.   Why is it useful to study hunter-gathers such as the !Kung?3.   How does living in a tight-knit community benefit the !Kung?4.   Define “chronic” loneliness.5.   What do persistent...
    08:08 AM, April 19, 2014 Classroom Questions
  • Intel ISEF Education Outreach 2014 Attendee Materials

    Teaching MaterialsEducational videos on YoutubeWildlife forever (Silent Invaders Series)Materials for High School Students Quagga Mussels and Zebra Mussels in Seneca Lake Teacher's GuideMiddle and High school adaptable resourcesFor Students: Invasive Comic ChallengeFor Teachers: Stone Soup: Invasive Species and CartooningMiddle SchoolIntruders in ParadiseNab the Aquatic Invader
    17:59 PM, April 18, 2014
  • Special Awards Organization Judging Process

    Overview of Judging ScheduleTUESDAYRegistration and Pre-judgingSpecial Awards Judges may register in the morning. Judges will receive a name badge that will have a red ribbon to designate a Special Award judge. Additionally, judges will receive a schedule, a Finalist Directory listing the finalists and project titles and other pertinent information. The name badge serves as official...
    15:02 PM, April 18, 2014
  • Special Award Ceremony Schedule and Presenter Instructions

    2014 SCHEDULE FOR PRESENTATION OF ISEF AWARDSSpecial Awards Ceremony for awards presented by federal agencies, organizations, corporations and academic institutions: Thursday, May 15, 2014, 7:00 p.m.Intel ISEF Grand Awards Ceremony for the Intel Awards (the Gordon E. Moore Award, the Intel Young Scientist Award, and Best of Category awards) and Grand Awards of first through fourth place selected...
    14:42 PM, April 18, 2014
  • Doing Science

    Science fairs help Intel ISEF alum pursue career in ecology

    August Steigmeyer, currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Conservation Ecology at the University of Michigan, is an alumnus of Intel ISEF 2007, Intel ISEF 2008, and the 2001 Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge. Steigmeyer competed in 13 years of science fairs, culminating in his two years at Intel ISEF. In 2008, he won a Fourth Award in Environmental Sciences. He fills us in on his...
    13:42 PM, April 18, 2014
  • Eureka! Lab

    A new grant for young inventors

    Inventing something is a great way to learn. Building a wind machine can teach you about engineering. Designing a coffee maker forces you to consider aspects of chemistry. As students try to solve a problem, they begin to understand variables, engineering and design.The Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams Initiative provides grants of up to $10,000 to help high-school student groups invent. InvenTeams go on...
    09:00 AM, April 18, 2014
  • Urine may make Mars travel possible

    Every day, you flush a liter or two of urine down the toilet. But if humans are going to get to Mars, they won’t be able to afford throwing out this yellow water. Indeed, they are going to have to drink water from their own pee. Scientists have now built a recycling system that can turn astronauts’ urine into both clean drinking water and energy.That two-step process could be important in making...
    08:39 AM, April 18, 2014 Chemistry, Space
  • E-cigarette makers focus on teens

    Electronic-cigarette makers “are aggressively promoting their products using techniques and venues that appeal to youth,” a new report finds. It concludes that the U.S. government “should act quickly” to issue new laws.The offices of 11 Democratic Senate and House members issued the report on April 14. In it, the writers argue that new laws should end the targeting of e-cigarette advertising at...
    08:00 AM, April 17, 2014 Body & Health

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