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  • News Brief: Ebola’s dead stay infectious for a week

    The Ebola epidemic still ravaging West Africa has sickened an estimated 26,000 people so far. More than 10,800 of these people have died. A new study points to why caring for these dead can be dangerous: Their corpses remain infectious for 7 days.That’s the suspicion, anyway. The new study was not conducted with dead people. Instead, researchers studied macaques that took part in Ebola research....
    07:00 AM, April 26, 2015 Body & Health
    Readability Score: 7.6
  • Cool Jobs: Big future for super small science

    A special coating for spacecraft that is blacker than even the inky darkness of space. Artificial muscles powering minuscule motors. Ultra-tiny sponges sopping up major oil spills. These are just some of the up-and-coming uses for exceptionally small structures assembled from individual carbon atoms. While it may sound like the stuff of science fiction, it’s actually science fact — or will be...
    07:15 AM, April 24, 2015 Technology & Engineering, Materials Science
    Readability Score: 6.7
  • QUESTIONS for Cool Jobs: Super Small Science

    SCIENCEBefore readingImagine two carpets are the same shade of black. One is thick and the other thin. Would you expect the shaggier carpet to be better or worse at absorbing light? Explain your answer.Yarn is made of twisted fibers. What property does that twist enhance?During readingDefine “nano.”Describe the sizes of some objects at the nanoscale.When and why can gold change color?Quantum...
    07:00 AM, April 24, 2015 Classroom Questions
  • Eureka! Lab

    Form some bonds with a chemistry card game

    Learning some concepts in chemistry can require a lot of studying. It can be hard to memorize chemical reactions and keep track of atoms — the basic units of chemical elements — and their building blocks.  A great way to learn some of this is to make the work a game — as in Ion. It’s a new card game.Ions are atoms or molecules that have electric charge due to losing or gaining electrons. Those...
    13:00 PM, April 23, 2015
    Readability Score: 7.5
  • News Brief: As timely as it gets

    The world’s best timepiece just got even better.Last year, U.S. government scientists announced they had developed the world’s most accurate clock. Now, a year later, they report having modified this atomic clock. The improvements mean it should not lose or gain a second for 15 billion years. That is as much time that has elapsed since, well, the dawn of time. The changes make the clock about...
    07:00 AM, April 23, 2015 Physics, Technology & Engineering
    Readability Score: 6.9
  • Mystery solved: Why knuckles crack

    We’ve all heard it — that loud “Crack!” when someone pulls on stiff knuckles. But what happens to make that sound? It’s something that scientists have puzzled over for decades. A new study has now used a high-speed camera to watch what happens to the joint. That popping sound comes from the formation of a bubble in the fluid between two bones in the finger, it finds.And these new data may just ...
    07:00 AM, April 22, 2015 Body & Health
    Readability Score: 6.0
  • Doing Science

    Top 10 ways to get your Broadcom MASTERS Nominees to apply!

    Every year, middle school science enthusiasts across the country vie for top prizes at their regional science fair. At affiliated fairs, the top 10% of students receive an incredible opportunity- a nomination to apply for Broadcom MASTERS!We contacted a few regional fairs that had standout application rates in 2014 to hear their tips for encouraging Broadcom MASTERS nominees to submit...
    04:30 AM, April 22, 2015
  • Doing Science

    The Future of Education, STEM and Girls: a fireside chat with SSP and Broadcom Foundation Presidents

    We bet you probably didn't know that by the time young women go to college, only 3% of them will declare a major in engineering, according to the Department of Education. On Thursday, April 23, SSP President and CEO Maya Ajmera will join Broadcom Foundation's President and Executive Director Paula Golden in Irvine, California to discuss filling in the gaps of STEM education for young women. Read...
    15:48 PM, April 21, 2015
  • Radio telescope picks up signals from intelligent life

    On three days in January, the Parkes radio telescope in Australia detected mysterious signals. Their source was an advanced civilization in the Milky Way. Alien-hunters, however, may be disappointed to learn it’s the one civilization we already know plenty about. Ours.Astronomers traced the signals to microwave ovens. Impatient diners at the telescope facility must have opened the ovens’ doors...
    07:00 AM, April 21, 2015 Astronomy
    Readability Score: 8.4
  • Eureka! Lab

    Cookie Science 15: Results aren’t always sweet

    In research, it can be hard not to get your hopes up. Especially when, like me, you baked 400 cookies to answer a scientific question. I wanted to find out how to make a cookie that my friend Natalie could safely eat. But sometimes, research doesn’t give us a clear answer. And that’s what happened in my latest experiment.I did end up making delicious cookies. And I now know how to tweak my...
    07:00 AM, April 21, 2015
    Readability Score: 6.7

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