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  • Doing Science

    “I look like a real scientist!”

    Laurel Bingman participated in science fairs growing up. In 2014, she was a finalist at Intel ISEF. Now, she’s a science teacher at YES Prep Northbrook High School who is eager to get her students engaged in science fairs.

    Due to a lack of funding and equipment, YES Prep wasn’t able to start their own science fair program until recently.  

    “For students in more affluent schools, it...

    15:13 PM, May 30, 2018
  • Inspired medical research

    Kelly Xinyi Zhang, 17, has been aware of cancer and its effects almost her entire life. When she was just 5, a friend developed bone cancer. Doctors amputated part of the girl’s leg, saving her life. Later, when Zhang was in middle school, the father of another friend was diagnosed with colon cancer. Surgeons tried but could not remove all of the cancer. Two years ago, he died.

    17:21 PM, May 7, 2013 Health, Young Scientists

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