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  • Doing Science

    Students for Science set to host inaugural Student Advocacy Summit

    After last year's influential nationwide event, March for Science, a group of teens were inspired to take action. They created their own initiative under the March for Science umbrella called Students for Science. Three of the teen leaders of the student-focused offshoot working to expand the mission of the organization are Society alumni — Sophia Swartz (Regeneron STS 2018, Intel ISEF...

    10:58 AM, July 5, 2018
  • Committee Training

    The following resources are intended to support the Scientific Review Committees, Institutional Review Boards and Display & Safety Committees that work at the local, regional and state levels.  They have been created by the Intel ISEF SRC and Intel ISEF D&S Committees to support training that they do at Intel ISEF.  

    Rules Guidance Operational Guidelines for SRC and IRB Review...
    16:14 PM, January 8, 2016
  • Paris meeting yields climate agreement

    On December 12, delegates to the United Nations climate change meeting outside Paris, France, came to a final agreement. They agreed to curb the worst effects of climate change by limiting global warming to “well below” 2° Celsius (3.4 °Fahrenheit). Representatives of 195 countries agreed to the blueprint for action.

    For perspective, last year, the average temperature across all land and...

    20:08 PM, December 12, 2015 Pollution, Sustainability, Weather & Climate, Science & Society
    Readability Score: 7.9
  • Doing Science

    Bringing computer science to middle school girls

    Intel STS 2015 and Intel ISEF 2013 alumna Anvita Gupta recently founded a program that encourages middle school girls to study computer science. The program, LITAS For Girls, introduces girls to coding and programming.

    LITAS For Girls recently held its first Technology Showcase, where the LITAS girls presented their coding projects in Phoenix, Arizona. Anvita said this program can boost...

    03:30 AM, November 18, 2015
  • Reasons for Failing to Qualify at Intel ISEF

    1. Human, vertebrate animal, or PHBA studies that did not have preapprovalNeed IRB preapproval for human participant studiesNeed SRC or IACUC preapproval for vertebrate animal studiesNeed SRC or IBC preapproval for PHBA studies2. Prohibited Vertebrate Animal StudiesStudies done at home/school/field that should have been done at a regulated research institutionStudies that caused more than...
    02:57 AM, September 30, 2013
  • Common Scientific Research Committee (SRC) Problems

    Top Five Intel ISEF Paperwork Problems

    Incomplete Research Plan 1AMust include proposed and actual start and end datesMust include detailed research planMust have all work site information completed

    Missing final SRC signature on the Approval Form 1BThe SRC must sign the bottom of 1B to demonstrate that the paper went through SRC review prior to competition at the regional, and state...
    02:54 AM, September 30, 2013
  • Resources

    Intel ISEF Rules Wizard 

    This "wizard" asks a series of questions about your planned project and will provide a list of forms that you need to complete.

    SRC Rules FAQs

    Common questions about our rules and guidelines from our scientific review committee

    Overview of Forms and Dates

    Provides a brief explanation of each form in the Rules and Regulations, and when it should be...

    02:11 AM, September 30, 2013
  • The Basics

    Every great science project includes the same basic activities:

    Identifying a testable question. The question should be answerable, using affordable materials and methods that are both safe and feasible.Testing each variable in an experiment more than once. Repeated testing will ensure you have enough data to make valid conclusions.Testing only one variable at a time. This approach allows...
    01:23 AM, September 30, 2013
  • Swedish Rhapsody

    It was a busy, busy week, jam-packed with fun, ceremony, and science.

    Twenty-four young people from 16 countries around the world were in Stockholm, Sweden. They were there to take part in the Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar (SIYSS).

    A view of Stockholm, Sweden, during the very few hours of daylight on a sunny day in December.

    Emily Sohn

    The students went...

    00:00 AM, December 20, 2004 Brain

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