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  • Science Talent Search 1997

    Top Winner Adam Cohen2nd Place Carrie Shilyansky3rd Place Nicholas Eriksson4th Place Davesh Maulik5th Place Emily Levy6th Place Dev Kumar7th Place Ann Seiferle-Valencia8th Place Dylan Schwindt9th Place Rose Payyapilli10th Place Whitney Bowe

    Gala Speaker...

    16:26 PM, February 25, 2015
  • Science Talent Search 1996

    Top Winner Jacob Lurie2nd Place Ting Luo3rd Place Matthew Graham4th Place Bruce Haggerty5th Place Aaron Einbond6th Place Daniel Weitz7th Place Brian Hafler8th Place Simon DeDeo9th Place Sidney Chang10th Place Vezen Wu

    Gala Speaker Sylvia Earle

    1996 Alumni...
    16:26 PM, February 25, 2015
  • Science Talent Search 1995

    Top Winner Irene Chen2nd Place Tracy Phillips3rd Place Martin Stiaszny4th Place Samit Dasgupta5th Place Deborah Yeh6th Place Gina Pertocelli7th Place Aleksandr Khazanov8th Place Griffin Weber9th Place Jordan Cummins10th Place Franz Boas

    Gala Speaker Unknown...

    16:25 PM, February 25, 2015
  • Science Talent Search 1994

    Top Winner Forrest Anderson2nd Place Jennifer Lin3rd Place John Staub4th Place Robert Sarvis5th Place Steven Sherman6th Place Flora Tartakovsky7th Place Janos Zahajsky8th Place Jennifer Kalish9th Place Margaret Bothner10th PlaceJamel Oeser-Sweat

    Gala Speaker...

    16:24 PM, February 25, 2015
  • Science Talent Search 1993

    Top Winner Elizabeth Pine2nd Place Xanthi Merlo3rd Place Lenhard Ng4th Place Constance Chen5th Place Ryan Egeland6th Place Wei-Hwa Huang7th Place Mahesh Mahanthappa8th Place Steve Chien9th Place Elizabeth Mann10th PlaceZachary Freyberg

    Gala Speaker Unknown

    16:23 PM, February 25, 2015
  • Science Talent Search 1992

    Top Winner Kurt Thorn2nd Place Claudine Madras3rd Place Michael Agney4th Place Loenid Reyzin5th Place Patricia Bachiller6th Place Christopher Bouton7th Place Erica Goldman8th Place Peter Khalifah9th Place Benjamin Jun10th Place Robin Niles

    Gala Speaker Unknown...

    16:21 PM, February 25, 2015
  • Science Talent Search 1991

    Top Winner Ashley Reiter2nd Place Denis Lazarev3rd Place William Ching4th Place Dean Chung5th Place Ciamac Maollemi6th Place Tessa Walters7th Place Debby Lin8th Place Yves Jeanty9th Place Jim Cheung10th Place Ragesheree Ramachandran

    Gala Speaker President...

    16:20 PM, February 25, 2015
  • Science Talent Search 1990

    Top Winner Matthew Headrick2nd Place David Liu3rd Place David Shull4th Place Soojin Ryu5th Place Joshua Fischman6th Place Royce Peng7th Place Laura Ascenzi8th Place Andrew Lines9th Place Mina Yu10th PlaceBianca Santomasso

    Gala Speaker Dr. D. Allan Bromley ...

    16:18 PM, February 25, 2015
  • Science Talent Search 1969

    Top WinnerLane Hughston2nd Place David Wright3rd PlaceEdward Jackson III4th Place Willy Shih5th PlaceWilliam Ganong III6th PlaceClaude Raifaizen7th Place Jennie Orr8th Place Clarence Wiley9th PlaceJustin Schaffert10th PlaceJohn Whittaker

    Gala SpeakerDr. Philip Handler 

    1969 Alumni Updates


    16:15 PM, February 25, 2015
  • Science Talent Search 1968

    Top Winner Roger Tsien2nd PlaceJohn Gomori3rd PlacePerrin White4th PlaceBruce Frostick Jr.5th Place Robert Guth6th PlaceWilliam Spence7th Place Penelope Maddy (Parsons)8th PlaceJonathan Rosenberg9th Place John Goldsmith10th PlaceBruce Waddington

    Gala Speaker Dr....

    16:14 PM, February 25, 2015

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