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  • Bald Eagles Forever

    It's easy to see a bald eagle in the United States. Just look at the official seal on a $1 bill. To the nation's founders, the big, white-headed bird represented freedom and majestic beauty, and it quickly became a national symbol. Today, the bald eagle is also an example of an environmental success story. A bald eagle. Mike Lockhart, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service In the 1960s, only about...
    00:00 AM, March 20, 2006 Environment & Pollution
  • Seabirds Deliver Arctic Pollutants

    Birds are famous for carrying things from place to place. Some, like homing pigeons, can be trained to deliver messages and packages. Other birds unknowingly carry pollen, burrs, and seeds that latch on for the ride. Canadian scientists have found a worrisome, new example of the power that birds have to spread stuff around. Way up north in the Canadian Arctic, seabirds are picking up dangerous...
    00:00 AM, July 20, 2005 Environment & Pollution
  • A Vulture's Hidden Enemy

    Vultures are scavengers, feeding on the meat from whatever dead animals they can find. But in Pakistan and India, vultures that have been feeding on dead farm animals, such as cattle, have been dying off themselves. Scientists have just discovered that these deaths occur because the vultures are getting an accidental dose of medicine from the cattle meat. Farmers had given a drug to their...
    00:00 AM, February 2, 2004 Environment & Pollution

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