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  • Nifty science

    It’s easy to take drinking water for granted. Just turn on a faucet and out it comes. For nearly 800 million people around the world, that’s not the case. They have no access to safe sources of drinking water. That can be true even in places with lots of water, such as Bangladesh. There, tens of millions of people in rural areas depend on well water. Drinking that water, which often isn’t...

    08:51 AM, May 30, 2014 Young Scientists, Pollution, Technology, Health
    Readability Score: 7.6
  • Mosquitoes, be gone!

    LOS ANGELES — Extracts from the seeds of a common plant can kill mosquito larvae, report two teen researchers. Smoke from a candle made with wax that includes the extracts also repels adult mosquitoes. The natural chemicals therefore show promise as an alternative to synthetic pesticides, the young scientists say.

    The teens reported their findings here last week, at the Intel...

    09:00 AM, May 28, 2014 Young Scientists
  • Convincing bacteria they’re alone

    LOS ANGELES — In novels and short stories, there are many examples of characters with split personalities. Under the light of a full moon, people who have been cursed or bitten by werewolves change into the vicious creatures themselves. When the friendly Dr. Jekyll drinks a certain potion, he transforms into the murderous Mr. Hyde.  But an Oregon teen has found a way to keep such a scary alter...

    08:30 AM, May 22, 2014 Young Scientists, Microbes
    Readability Score: 8.1
  • Better than plywood

    LOS ANGELES — A new material made from plant leaves could be replace plywood for many uses. The material is strong, waterproof, cheap and easy to make. Two teens invented it using a blend of pineapple waste and recycled plastics.

    Those raw ingredients are abundant in Malaysia, where the girls live. The largest part of the new material is a type of plastic called high-density polyethylene...

    16:07 PM, May 21, 2014 Young Scientists
  • Don’t let the bedbugs bite

    LOS ANGELES — In many areas of the United States, bedbug populations are booming. But three New York teens have come up with a new way to fight the plague. They invented a bedbug-trapping fiber. The inexpensive material is made from recycled plastic. Best of all, it works without harmful chemicals.

    The achievement earned the students from Half Hollow Hills High School West in Dix Hills,...

    17:20 PM, May 20, 2014 Young Scientists, Sustainability
  • Mite-y discoveries!

    LOS ANGELES — It is exciting to discover a species of animal or plant that is new to science. Now, imagine finding three new animal species. That’s what two Russian teens achieved as they were searching through vegetation, looking for mites.

    Mites are tiny. Most can be seen only with the aid of a microscope. As arachnids, they belong to the group of animals that includes spiders,...

    08:53 AM, May 20, 2014 Young Scientists, Animals
  • Teen’s cancer research scores big at Intel ISEF competition

    LOS ANGELES — An innovative statistical analysis of cancer-promoting genes could provide a new roadmap for scientists studying the disease. The technique, which could be applied to other genes as well, earned a 15-year-old researcher the top prize — and $75,000 — here, this week, at the world’s premier high-school science and engineering competition.

    Nathan Han of Boston Latin School in...

    18:41 PM, May 16, 2014 Young Scientists, Science & Society
  • Heavenly research

    Most science fair projects are pretty down to Earth. Competing in the Intel Science Talent Search (STS) requires going further. It is America’s oldest and most prestigious science and math competition for high school seniors. This year, four teens landed in the Intel STS finals on the basis of their truly-out-of-this-world research.

    Each probed some facet of astronomy. And all but one...

    10:28 AM, April 24, 2014 Young Scientists, Astronomy, Planets
    Readability Score: 7.9
  • Teen wins $100,000 for flu advance

    WASHINGTON — Following a weekend when most of the United States sprang forward to Daylight Savings Time, the nation’s top teen researchers sprang to the fore. The top 10 finishers in the 2014 Intel Science Talent Search all claimed big prizes. Their wins in the prestigious science competition were announced during a black-tie awards gala held here on Tuesday, March 11. The gala took place in...

    09:30 AM, March 12, 2014 Young Scientists, Health, Computers & Electronics, Mathematics
  • Teen finalists selected in 2014 Intel STS competition

    Forty teen researchers have made it into the final phase of the 2014 Intel Science Talent Search. In early March, this group will visit Washington, D.C., to present their research to judges and the public. The winners, to be announced at a black-tie gala, will share awards totaling $630,000. The top winner will take home $100,000.

    These finalists come from 14 states. They were chosen...

    07:00 AM, January 22, 2014 Young Scientists

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