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Classroom Questions

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girl headset

Kids today are exposed to RF radiation from cell phone much earlier than their parents ever were. That concerns some scientists, because the lifetime over which today’s youngsters are exposed will be far longer than for their parents.

zika research

A Zika-virus researcher works with samples at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Vaccine Research Center. 

Jupiter globe

Scientists have long studied Jupiter with telescopes, such as the Hubble Space Telescope, which created this image. But the Juno spacecraft will give them an even closer look.

Classroom questions for Science News for Students articles

Teacher's questions for Hacking the Planet


Before reading:

1.      Summer can mean hot weather. List some ways you can either a) cool off, or b) avoid that heat in the first place. Would any of these methods work on a much larger scale, either to cool Earth or keep our planet from warming more?

During reading:

1.      Define geoengineering.

2.      How has Earth’s atmosphere changed since 1750?

3.      Explain what has caused carbon dioxide levels to increase since the Industrial Revolution.

Question Sheet: Hear, Hear


Before reading:

  1. How do people lose their hearing?
  2. Describe how loud music affects you.

During reading:

  1. Why should young people care more about their hearing?
  2. What is the MEEI? What do people who work there do? See University).
  3. What is the cochlea?
  4. How does sound move through the ear?
  5. Why is loss of hair cells a big deal?
  6. Why did researchers use the MTV Web site to learn what young people think

    about hearing loss?

  7. How can you prevent damage to your hearing?

After reading:


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